Wednesday, August 23, 2006

PS What Are You Thinking?

Thumbs Down to the Post Star for repeatedly (twice this month alone link, link) claiming that our candidate doesn't talk about issues in the election and for then not covering her press conferences focused on the issues. Today's paper has no coverage at all on Gillibrand's Iraq Press Conference. Is it fair to ignore the issues she covers and then to tell people that her campaign is negative and not about the issues? (They are citing silly t-shirts being sold by someone, not by the campaign, at cafepress as proof of Gillibrand's "negativity" in the race! Ha!) I don't think so.

But I'm sure when Sweeney's campaign issues its next absurd press release or ad about:

  • Kirsten's mortgage papers,
  • What zip code her donations are from,
  • Kirsten's company like many other companies which has corporate clients,
  • Her Brother's Gas Station,
  • Her Father's Job,
  • Boo-hooo, that guy from Florida is filming my public events again! Please make him stop looking at me.

that they will be right there with this "news."


Blogger Albany Lawyer said...

The Times Union had a similar editorial criticizing both Sweeney and Gillibrand for not talking about issues. I wrote a letter to the editor and they published it. See my blog post on the LTE on my Stop Wasting Money campaign blog.

You might get a little bit of a laugh. I hope. --Warren

5:07 AM  

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