Monday, August 21, 2006

Bush vows not to leave Iraq, Kirsten Calls for New Direction

Check out Kirtsen Gillibrand's press release A New Direction in Iraq is Needed on The Hill Blog "Where lawmakers come to blog."

John Sweeney is far too busy trying to decide how to convince us that Kirsten doesn't live here and/or doesn't know how much beer costs and/or (his latest from his campaign's mail bag o' lies) that she is going to let aliens take over the 20th (Before you ask me: Are you referring to immigrants or little green men? I ask you: Is there any difference to John Sweeney?) to have issued any statements at all on Iraq.

Though to be fair, I will point out that his staff does take the time to pen letters that repeat whatever Bush says about the war to anyone who questions Sweeney on it. And to be fair to Bush, he has figured out that "War is not a time of joy." Gee, that might be just one reason why it is was stupid idea, Mr. Decider, to pull out UN Weapons inspectors and send our troops in their place.


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