Friday, August 18, 2006

Isn't Sweeney the Exploiter Here?

How come when Sweeney lists the names of soldiers who have died on his campaign website no one thinks he is exploiting the troops?

See how the place to "Donate" is less than an inch from one of the listed names of fallen soldiers on Sweeney's website?

Isn't this odd since Sweeney attacked his opponent for an ad which her campaign didn't even produce that showed anonymous flag draped coffins. His press release said Kirsten Gillibrand was "exploiting dead soldiers."

I'm thinking of this now because Sweeney issued a press release when one of our local troops died in Iraq. Shouldn't Sweeney's offer of condolences to the family be more personal and less public?

Every time someone dies serving in the war a Republican incumbent gets free press coverage, maybe that's why Bush, Sweeney and the GOP support a perpetual war with no exit plan (unlike Gillibrand).

Read about Marine Capt. John J. McKenna IV (and John Sweeney) in today's Times Union.


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