Friday, August 18, 2006

A bizarre Comment from Our Representative in Congress

This is simply amazing:

Reps react to court decision declaring NSA eavesdropping unconstitutional

Washington , D.C. – Congressman Eliot Engel, a Democrat from Westchester-Rockland, Thursday applauded the decision by a federal judge in Detroit to put an immediate halt to the Bush Administration's warrantless surveillance program, calling it unconstitutional.

‘This is finally justice for the American people,’ said Engel. ‘The Bush Administration has severely overstepped its Constitutional authority; FISA prohibits wiretapping within the United States without judicial authorization. The Bush Administration’s actions are a direct violation of the law and a gross misuse of the executive branch’s power that upsets the checks and balances which underpin our system of government.’

But, Republican Representative John Sweeney of Clifton Park said the decision is ‘a victory for international terrorism and a bitter defeat for American efforts to protect our homeland.’ He pointed to last Thursday’s news that British and American counter-terrorism teams had successfully thwarted an attempt blow up 10 planes bound for the United States. ‘We know that the U.K. was successful in infiltrating this attack by using their counter terrorism laws,’ he said.

Sweeney said in the war against terrorism ‘against a determined enemy willing to stop at nothing to kill innocent men, women and children, we must always be at least two steps ahead of the terrorists in order to prevent another attack on U.S. soil.'

Apparently, this is what "an independent voice for upstate" means. Pointing out that the terrorists have won when you say the preznit can't spy on Americans if he doesn't have a warrant.

A BITTER DEFEAT? WHAT PLANET DOES HE LIVE ON? A bitter defeat is the Somme, is evacuating Saigon from the roof of the Embassy. A bitter defeat is not making sure that a judge has rubber-stamped your wire-tap request. Sweeney is so obviously unaware of the workings of our government and our constitution that he ought to go away, just go away.


Blogger la la la I can't hear you said...

Sweeney thinks that Bush can do anything he wants.

Sweeney's comments show us that if it were up to him, Bush would be King for Life.

He opposed Bush on the Dubai ports deal because 90% of the people opposed that, Karl Rove probably set the whole thing up so that Rs could tell folks at home they bucked Bush on something.

6:35 PM  

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