Saturday, August 19, 2006

Local MoveOn Members Plan Protest

John Sweeney "Caught Red-Handed" Voting To Cut Veterans’ Benefits, Even As He Sends Troops to War: with Red Foam Hands and "Caught Red-Handed" Signs, Local Citizens Plan To Confront Rep. over Hypocrisy on Veterans’ Issue

Saratoga Springs, NY - On Monday, August 21, residents of the 20th Congressional District of NY will be outside Rep. John Sweeney's fundraising event with red foam hands and signs to expose Rep. Sweeney as "caught red-handed" voting to cut $150 million from veteran's benefits while sending the troops to war.

"We’ve caught Rep. Sweeney red-handed voting to cut veterans benefits while sending our troops off to war. He talks like a typical politician when it comes to supporting our men and women in the military. But when it comes to our benefits, Rep. Sweeney has treated us like second-class citizens. Voters deserve better and our veterans deserve better" said Jack Jacknowitz of Saratoga Springs, a Korean War Veteran.

Who: MoveOn members and concerned citizens of NY’s 20th Congressional District

Where: Outside second home of Corporate Lobbyists Julie Chlopecki and David Fuscus 65 Union Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

When: 11:30am, Monday, Aug. 21, 2006

What: Local residents expose Rep. Sweeney as caught red-handed cutting veteran's benefits while sending Troops to War for Oil.

For More, see the media advisory here

Julia Chlopecki and David Fuscus both have long lists of Republican giving at opensecrets. None of them show NY as the couple's home.


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