Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another Sweeney Bush Connection

Sweeney's radio attack ad (you know, the one that repeats information which was proven false weeks ago) sure seems a lot like another presently unpopular GOP leader's tactics. You know the guy who ignores inconvenient facts that don't suit his personal skew of reality. (Hint initials are GWB).

Kirsten's radio piece in response to the attack ad is posted at the TU Blog:

ANNCR: “Have you heard Congressman John Sweeney trying to beat up on Kirsten Gillibrand? His attacks aren’t true. The Albany Times Union calls Kirsten an Albany native and said, ‘Ms. Gillibrand and her family live in Columbia County and nowhere else.’ The Glens Falls Post-Star called Sweeney’s claims false and disingenuous, and said, ‘It’s a non-issue. Get past it.’

So why is John Sweeney lying? Maybe because he doesn’t want you to remember that he’s been one of President Bush’s biggest supporters in the Congress. He doesn’t want you to know about his lockstep support for the Bush energy plan that rewards big oil companies instead of reducing the price of gas at the pump.

And maybe Sweeney doesn’t want to talk about the fact that he supports the president’s failed ‘Stay the Course’ strategy in Iraq. A rubberstamp for the failed Bush agenda on gas prices and Iraq. Now we know why John Sweeney would rather tell lies about Kirsten Gillibrand than tell the truth about his own record.”


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