Monday, July 17, 2006

Why are the Sweeney Folks Obsessed with Beer?

Sweeney spinner Michael Lisuzzo held a press conference during which he actually mentioned "the price of a six-pack at Stewart's". Maybe he was on his way to a frat party with Sweeney.

In response to the Sweeney Campaign attack held outside of Gillibrand's place of employment (which is disclosed on Gillibrand's About page, no secret there), the Gillibrand team hit a home run:

..."These are false claims," said her spokeswoman, Allison Price.

"The Gillibrands own one home. The Gillibrands have never owned a dog," she said. "When Mr. Lisuzzo wants to send the Gillibrands a six-pack from Stewart's to apologize for these lies, they would prefer root beer."...

They moved to that house permanently in 2004 and no longer maintain an apartment in New York City, Price said.

Sweeney, a Troy native, did not live in his congressional district when he ran the first time in 1998, Lisuzzo acknowledged Sunday. ...

Price called the residency allegations "sophomoric attempts to run away from Sweeney's voting record." Gillibrand grew up in this region and is the granddaughter of Albany Democratic icon Dorothea "Polly" Noonan. (Source)

All this hoopla over an old apartment when Sweeney didn't even live in the district when he ran. Gillibrand lived in the district before she was running. Anyway, what's good for the ostrich isn't good for the donkey, eh?

Of course we all know that the Sweeney campaign is desperado to divert the press from his ethics problems.

In other news: Gillibrand is mentioned in this Daily Gotham post


Blogger NYSpotlight said...

In total seriousness, have you considered that Sweeney's obsession with beer may be reciprocal?
After all, the NATIONAL BEER WHOLESALERS ASSOCIATION POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE is a maxed-out donor to the Sweeney campaign. And the PACs of Altria (that's Miller Beer)and Anheuser-Busch are also big contributors.
If you ask why Big Beer is so fond of Sweeney, you might find a clue at the website of the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA), where that industry's whole agenda of regressive legislation (supported by the Hon. Mr. Sweeney) is spelled out in detail. See,
Among the positions that Big Beer advocates, and Sweeney has supported, are: favoring the permanent repeal of the Estate Tax, and reduction or elimination of the capital gains tax, both of which are tax cuts for the wealthy which will worsen the Federal Deficit and hurt the middle class; exempting NBWA members from safe-workplace rules; opposing campaign finance reform; opposing health care reform; and opposing environmental protection legislation.

Personally, I think Sweeney's clownish public behavior is disturbing, but his support for the anti-consumer, anti-middle class, anti-labor, anti-healthcare, anti-environmental agenda of the beer industry is a more important reason to retire him.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Henry said...

Ahhh those wild and crazy Republicans. Seems there are some operatives in the NYS Senate Republican Campaign Committee who enjoy what's on the 'menu' at Hooters.

11:20 PM  

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