Saturday, July 15, 2006

Same Ole Sweeney: Say 1 Thing Do Another...

John Sweeney (R NY) jumped on the Republican bandwagon attacking Kirsten Gillibrand for an ad produced by the DCCC, but it seems members of his own party disagree with him:

...Mark McKinnon, a top Republican strategist and ad maker for Mr. Bush, said Democrats had not crossed any boundaries of taste.

“This is one where I respectfully disagree with my colleagues: I think it is an appropriate image,” Mr. McKinnon said. “I thought it was appropriate when we used it.”

“It reminds people of the cost of 9/11,” he added. “It reminds people of the cost of war. People die in wars, and people should understand that we shouldn’t hide from that fact.”

Democrats dismissed Republican criticism as hypocritical.

“No administration in American history has so partisanized or politicized a war as this administration,” said Howard Wolfson, a Democratic strategist ...“They have absolutely no grounds to make any criticisms of this kind.” ... (NYT on Ad Depicting Troops)

If Sweeney really opposes this ad, then I wonder why John Sweeney's official "Issues: War on Terror" page mentions troops from the district who have died by name.

Sweeney hasn't agreed to debate Kirsten Gillibrand on Iraq. His issues page seems to indicate that Sweeney is still firmly in the "support Bush in doing more of the exact same thing" branch of congress.


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Read Kirsten Gillibrand's Plan for Iraq: The War in Iraq Three Years Out: A Successful Exit Strategy and Securing Our Future.


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