Thursday, July 13, 2006

How Sweeney Fought For Bush's Enemy Combatant Policy

This has to be a turning point.

Spying on Law-Abiding American Citizens won't catch terrorists. In fact, doing so only diverts time and money from catching terrorists.

Congressional leaders are looking into the question: "How Much Leeway for Bush?" It is time to pull in the reigns. This Congress will keep working with Bush. The only way to change that is to vote them out. Bush can't controll all three branches of government any longer. America needs a Democratic Congress.

While John Sweeney (R-NY) tries to pretend he isn't a Bush Rubber Stamper, let's keep the real record at hand.

Sweeney was one of three members of congress who had the Conservative Group, The Washington Legal Foundation submit a brief to the courts BACKING Bush's enemy combatant policy. Yes, the one that the Court struck down.

Richard Samp, the Chief Counsel for the WFL has claimed that "one thing that has not changed [with the war on terror] is the foreign policy of this country and military affairs are run by the president, not by the courts." (source)

Samp was wrong, our constitution provides for a seperation of powers, the president cannot just decide to do things that are not constitutional. That is what kings and dictators do, not presidents.

Sweeney, Bush and those who want to give the administration more "leeway" are stuck on the notion that the constitution and the laws of the land don't matter. They seem to think that just repeating falsehoods will make them turn into the truth.

Kind of like Sweeney does when he tells us he supports the minimum wage hike and then walks out of the room when it is time to vote.

Related News: House Republicans Warm To Bush's Tribunal Plan Related Background Info: Washington Legal Foundation Funders (Cliff Note: Richard Mellon Scaife is the single largest benefactor to the WFL)

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