Sunday, July 16, 2006

Enron Funded Group in Sweeney's Top 5 Donors

A group that was funded by Enron is one of Sweeney's Top 4 Campaign Donors: Rely on Your Beliefs.

Who is Rely on Your Beliefs? It is a 527 run by Roy Blunt which faced ethics charges in Missouri in the past. What do they do?

Each year, Rely On Your Beliefs collects hundreds of thousands of dollars from corporations, individuals and interest groups and distributes the money to congressional candidates who can't take the checks directly because of contribution limits in federal election law. (source)

How sweet of them. Rely on Your Beliefs has given $12,000 to Sweeney since 1999. (FEC report here)

If you think Enron is old news, bear in mind, it is Sweeney that dragged Enron into this campaign, not Kirsten Gillibrand.


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