Thursday, September 07, 2006

They just can't open their mouths without lying

Take Ol "Congressman Do-Over's recent attack ad against Gillibrand, for example starts like this:

The Washington group condemned for invoking Hitler, who called America warped by lies now attacks John Sweeney with ads so deceptive that stations refuse to run them

While the screen shows quotes from those bastions of mainstream American values like Rev Sung Jung Moon's Washington Times.

Five seconds of screen time, three or four lies:

  • Moveon is indeed headquartered in Washington, but it is a national membership group with millions of members. Are we going to call the Red Cross a Washington group? This phrasing is deceptively, obviously and deliberately pandering to base anti-government emotions.
  • Moveon was attacked by Moon's wackjob paper for invoking Hitler, but in fact they did not invoke Hitler. In a contest where people from around the country submitted their own advertisements on what to say about George Bush, one of the entries implied that Hitler's mass rallies were a precursor to the type of politics that we see now. Big deal. It'd be nice to imagine that our political culture is mature enough to examine ideas. But of course, that would only be imagination. Let's try to act like adults.
  • "Warped by lies." Two examples: 1) Swift boat. 2) Iraq.
  • Two local stations are not running the ads because they are deceptive, but because they are threatened with a lawsuit by Sweeney. The ads aren't deceptive at all. It's just plain bullying.

So, in short, we have a lying, bullying manchild in Congress, enjoying the perks of office -- trips to the Caribbean, Europe, ski trips with lobbyists -- without doing anything to help his district that is hemorrhaging jobs and population and losing hope for a decent future. Someone comes to town and talks government, and he decides to shout her down with lies and bullying. Is this representative of who we are?

Nearly eight years in office, and his campaign says nothing but tries to rile up people. Marvelous. Vote the bum out.


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