Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sweeney At the Helm

Photo of John Sweeney on the $500 in-kind contribution he got from the National Marine Manufactuer's Association PAC. The $500 covered Sweeney's use of a NMMA-member yacht (381 Meridian Yacht) for a fundraiser. What a deal, do you think you or I could rent that $400,000+ puppy (with food!) for a measly $500?

The NMMA PAC 108th Congressional Report tells all:

Yacht Fundraisers-Providing Lawmakers with a Unique and Fun Experience

Each summer an NMMA member donates the use of a new yacht. NMMA uses the yacht to host cruises on the Potomac River for Members of Congress and their staffs. These cruises are an excellent tool to expose decision-makers to boating and help our government relations staff develop relationships with key policy makers. NMMA PAC also uses the yacht to host fundraisers for Members of Congress. Fundraisers in Washington tend to be carbon copies of the same old reception format, but NMMA PAC can offer lawmakers a chance to have a unique and fun event. Every lawmaker and guest NMMA PAC hosted enjoyed the cruise, leading to these events becoming extremely popular in Washington.

Sweeney, Sue Kelley, and Tom Reynolds are the only NY Reps that NMMA PAC hosted a fundraiser for aboard the 381 Meridian Yacht.

Read how Sweeney rewards this special interest donor and sells out taxpayers after his fun in the sun and cash in hand. Sweeney shamelessly used the anniversary of a boating accident on Lake George to promote his special interest give away.


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