Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sweeney's Red Handed Again

Sweeney's way of doing things:

donations = favors (expensive ones that the people of this district can't afford)

a new story up at Room8, go read it right now.

The Cliff-notes version: Robin and William Hubbard have given Sweeney's campaign $4,200 to date.

Now their foundation has earmarks totaling $1,400,000 in the pending HHS appropriations bill.

This isn't the first time Sweeney's been caught red-handed doling out pay to play favors:


Blogger mrs panstreppon said...

Hi! I'm Mrs Panstreppon, the one who wrote about John Sweeney and the Readnet Foundation at Room Eight.

I gather you live in CD 20. Is there any chance that you can ask someone at the Mid-Hudson Library System about the effectiveness of the online Readnet literacy software?

Sweeney is reponsible for getting a $275,000 grant for the Readnet Foundation in late 2004 and I think the grant was to put the Readnet system online at the library.

The Mid-Hudson Library System even posted about Sweeny get an award from Readnet in an October 2004 newsletter.

I don't think for a minute that Sweeney is giving away a $1 million earmark for a measly $4,200.

I suspect that someone connected to Sweeney got a job or a consulting arrangement with the first grant and I suspect that there is a similar arrangement with this pending $1 millon earmark.

The earmark supposedly is for "at-risk" youths. I'm thinking maybe Sweeney is buying off minority support in his district but I don't know anything about politics in your neck of the woods. (I live on Long Island.)

In a comment attached to my first post, I noted that the husband of Robin Hubbard, president of Readnet, did a development deal in Rockland County involving a former state faclity and linked to the story. I'm thinking Sweeney and Charlie Gargano here.

Just some thoughts.

2:29 PM  

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