Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Fair Day

Tom Curry of MSNBC did report on his day out with Kirsten Gillibrand at the fair:

In once-safe GOP seat, a serious race emerges In a rural New York district, Iraq, fuel prices and gun control at issue

It is a good story, except he counted the "18,000 independents" and left out the blank/no party voters we have in NY. (Indies, Blanks and Dems together outnumber Republicans in the district, but it doesn't seem like that when you see Curry's numbers).

The story confirms that Sweeney seems:

...a little worried. In part, that may be due to his loyalty to the White House. Sweeney voted with Bush 82 percent of the time on roll call votes in 2005, according to the Congressional Quarterly.

When Sweeney was on CSPAN pretending to be mad at Bush's Homeland Security Appointee, a caller cited those Bush supporting numbers and Sweeney dismissed the call and said these numbers were "made up."

Later in the story Sweeney defends his pro-pork record in spite of the war and debts we face saying, "Earmarks are one percent of the federal budget..."

Just one percent of the $2.8 trillion we're spending? (I'm not sure if that includes the wars.) A pittance to John Sweeney.

And that figure doesn't take into account the recent news that our actual deficit is not the $318 billion we were told per Bush's Ken Lay style accounting, but in reality is over $3 trillion.

Looks like Sweeney is as clueless as Bush when it comes to the budget.


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