Friday, September 01, 2006

BAE wants Sweeney in 06

Sweeney is the real war profiteer here. John Sweeney is claiming that Kirsten Gillibrand is not genuine in her call to change the direction we are going in Iraq because her husband's retirement plan included stock in BAE.

BAE is the Pentagon's seventh-largest supplier of tanks and armored vehicles so Sweeney claims that means Gillibrand is a "war profiteer." Guess what?

BAE's PAC donated $2,000 to Sweeney's 2006 campaign.

That campaign donation completely disproves Sweeney's claim. Since Sweeney can't debate Gillibrand on Iraq, he will resort to the chapter in Karl Rove's Re-election Rule Book titled: Twisted: Take a Fact and Make Stuff Up About it.

BAE supports Sweeney. BAE knows who will be keeping them in business - Congressman Do-over, John Sweeney. His pro-Bush votes for more of the same with no end in sight and no plan to exit is what they want this November. For more of Sweeney's war funders, see this post at Colin Neal's page at Daily Kos

Question of the day: Since being associated with BAE means that one is a "war-profiteer" in Sweeney's eyes, is he going to give back the money they gave him?


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