Saturday, August 26, 2006

Swing State on Sweeney

Obey the Swing State Project's Post in response to Sweeney's Latest Campaign Stunt.

My thoughts: WOW! Sweeney's gone from a so called Kickass to real life Crybaby. (That's because like all bullies, he's mostly hurting on the inside. There, there, these things happen.)

Bonus: all the cash he'll be spending on his lawyer can only help Gillibrand: she didn't pay for these ads, she doesn't have to pay to defend them (which is pretty easy you just go here and click on "facts". Warning this may be impossible to do if you are Sweeney-GOPper, but try, let the healing start now.) She's not wasted her resources trying to sue any of the people who publish and distribute Sweeney's rubbish. Another dumbo move on Sweeney's part.


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