Monday, July 17, 2006

Sweeney's New Friends are No Pals of Ours

Democracy in Albany has two posts up on fundraising in the 20th. Here is DIA's break down of the latest numbers.

This DIA post lists some of Sweeney's biggest funders to date (including the Enron Supported group).

If DIA's voter registration numbers haven't been updated yet, don't freak out, the bottom line is that Republicans are just 43% of the district's 456,144 voters.

I suppose now we know why Sweeney is annoying Republicans like this one who says:

So far, Mr. Sweeney's rocket scientist consultants have been absentminded about using the word R-E-P-U-B-L-I-C-A-N in the congressman's literature.

Wimps. (Republican Blogger NCNY)

Back to Sweeney's FEC filing. His newest PAC friends include Accenture PAC, which gave Sweeney $1,000 in the most recent reports. They are the PAC for the company that helps people outsource our jobs. They raised some controversy with winning a $10 Billion homeland security contract in 2004. I suppose they have to make nice with the appropriations folks now for some reason. And hurray for us law abiding US citizen taxpayers:

Accenture is incorporated in Bermuda.

For News on other campaign's funding see the WFP Post here


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