Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Just Don't Buy the Hype

While John Sweeney lugs out votes like this one against the Federal Marriage Amendment to claim that he is a moderate, let's keep in mind his full record. And let's say "shame on you" to those in the press who fall for Sweeney's rush to repackage himself as something he is not for the race of his life against challenger Kirsten Gillibrand.

Sweeney's occassional votes with reason don't change his real record, they just mix it up a litte and give him something to point at while he pretends he's a moderate. In spite of this one vote that is consistent with our wishes - most Americans don't support Bush's desire to change our Constiution - Sweeney has also voted to ban adoptions by anyone who isn't married. He has voted against civil-rights bills 70% of the time.

Sweeney's votes put him in the "Libertarian Conservative" column. He has voted with the will of the largest conservative political organization in America 69% of the time.

Sweeney votes against reproductive choice 90% of the time. He supported the National Education Association only 18% of the time.

Sweeney's real record is also overwhelmingly anti-environment.

And he recently voted against the Legislative Line Item Veto Act which was designed to combat wasteful spending.

Source for the above information and the updated voting grid chart is found at the non-partisan website On The Issues.

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