Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Votes Don't Lie

The press is buying team Sweeney's spin and says Sweeney is a "moderate" Republican.

I beg to differ. John Sweeney (R NY) supports amending the constitution to help deliver congress to Bush again, while most Americans believe this is not a federal issue. (Only 33% support an amendment to the constitution according to a May 9th poll).

Sweeney sends out slick mailers saying: "From public housing to the halls of congress, John Sweeney has never forgotten where he came from. Or who he is fighting for now."

HA! He's fighting for Bush's divisive agenda. He's standing for Big Business' special interests not the working families in this district.

His support of the Food Labeling bill is a prime example of his siding with business and against average Americans like those that live here in the 20th district.

Another example from Sweeney's record: he voted against improving "aviation security, including making all airport security screeners federal employees. House Republican leaders engaged in a protracted battle against the Senate bill since the federalization of the nations security screeners would have meant more unionized workers." (source).

Sweeney called for Chertoff's resignation recently because of Homeland Security bungles. I think Sweeney should turn in his resignation too. Better aviation security would keep us safer at home, it would protect people in this district and would create much needed jobs. Jobs we need right here in our own district. Sweeney opposed good paying jobs with good benefits and real homeland security. That is not what someone with a working class background who remembers their roots would do.


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