Friday, June 02, 2006

Media Watch

No one in the press is covering the Sweeney's Latest Sell Out Bill. (Except us, it's so lonely being a watchdog.)

Today's Post Star gave him a headline on the recent homeland security debacle, even though Senators Schumer and Clinton both also came out against the latest Bush adminstration failures.

Is it a coincidence that Sweeney (R- NY) gets lots of coverage for his comments on this at the same time his Legislation for Sale bill comes up? Or is it all part of Karl Rove's plan? From the Post Star:

...Sweeney said it was "mind-boggling" for Chertoff to suggest New York's historic sites are not of national significance. "

As I said, I think Secretary Chertoff should resign," he said.... Kirsten Gillibrand, a Democratic congressional candidate, has repeatedly said Sweeney's voting record has been in line with Bush 80 percent of the time.

Sweeney's campaign mailed out a brochure to area residents last week listing examples of when he opposed Bush on issues including the Patriot Act and a proposal to allow an Arab company to operate U.S. ports.

The brochure also mentioned Sweeney's unsuccessful efforts to replace several House leaders earlier this year.

Sweeney's call for Chertoff to resign is "smoke and mirrors," said Gwenn Bellcourt, a spokeswoman for the Gillibrand campaign.

"This is interesting coming from a congressman who is in lockstep with President Bush on issues such as CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement)," she said. ...

The Times Union reports that Sweeney has told them he is running for his seat again, also making no mention of NMMA's endorsement of Sweeney's Bill:

...Sweeney continued his efforts to portray himself as independent from the Bush administration. He called for the resignation of Director of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff over the $80 million, or 40 percent, reduction in Homeland Security funding for New York state.

"The accumulation of incompetence at that place is alarming," he said. "The performance of Mike Chertoff and the agency has been so lacking, there needs to be a shake-up, and Mike Chertoff needs to go."

Sweeney also said the country would be better off if Donald Rumsfeld resigned as defense secretary, though he stopped short of calling for him to do so.

"Am I happy with the leadership of Donald Rumsfeld? No, I am not. I think there has been a rigidity to his view," he said. "It would help us move forward with a different personality."...

Yes, Mr. Sweeney and you are one of the personalities we have to replace.

He's never going to tire of mentioning his attempt to get new leaders (he was probably going to start another riot if he didn't find his own name on the ballot this time).

But what about last month? When his spokesperson explained his vote for a phony Republican backed "reform" bill saying, "Sweeney didn't feel pressured to be seen supporting lobbying reform."

Sweeney's gotta go just as much as Chertoff, Rumsfeld and Bush do. Sweeney has been doing exactly what Rove wants him to, and he's behaving just like the Bush administration does: take money from corporate friends and then let them write their own legislation. Except in his case, on November 7th we'll have a chance to replace him with a real representative.


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