Saturday, May 27, 2006

Some Real Independent Thinking

Sweeney sent his second mailer out already (nope, he hasn't taken me off his mailing list yet). But he's not sent anything to my husband oddly enough. Maybe he presumes that the men are going to vote for him? Or is he just trying to make up for his "pretty face" gaff? The photo on the front of the mailer shows the Capital Building all chopped up with the words, "Washington is BROKEN."

Makes me think, "Yeah, thanks to your carpetbagging free trip to Florida to shut down the vote count and crown King George." Of course the flyer says that "John Sweeney is fighting to fix it." I guess he forgot that voted to protect Tom Delay changing a rule requiring members in leadership positions to step down if indicted by state grand juries. Sweeney was still fighting for DeLay in 2005. And how Abramoff's law firm is one of his top donors (with Alexander Strategy Group which was funded by Enron and run by DeLay staff). And how he voted for the sham-form and is not doing anything to change Washington afterall. And that Sweeney is under investigation by the state and the DOJ.

On page two there is a picture of a smug looking Sweeney with his arms crossed over his chest. Karl Rove must not have been at the photo shoot to let John know that "If we cross our arms across our chest, we are isolating ourselves and avoid company of others." But the kicker is the tag line, "An Independent Voice Fighting for Reform"

HA! HA! HA! That's a good one. During this 108th session of congress, Sweeney voted with the Democrats in just 13 out of 99 votes. See for yourself.

It doesn't seem very "representative" for a district in which Democrats and No Party voters outnumber Republican voters. (221,899 registered as Democratic or No Party and 197,753 registered as Republicans in the 20th.) Shouldn't he be standing up to his party a lot more? He's voted with the Republican majority around 86% of the time in the last congress. Sweeney was fully supporting Bush in 2006 until Sweeney found out that he had a strong challenger, Kirsten Gillibrand, in this race. And if he were to get re-elected, he'd go right back to his old Rubber Stamping, Absenttee and Lobbyist Vacationing life style, so don't believe the hype.


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