Friday, June 02, 2006

Sweeney Sells Out (again)

Here's a big shocker, John Sweeney was given $4,000 from the National Marine Manufacturer's PAC on August 9, 2005. In addition to the $1,500 he picked up from them in 2004.

Now the National Marine Manufacturer's announces that Sweeney has introduced HR 5274: "NMMA strongly supports H.R. 5274 and urges Congress to pass the bill by the end of the 109th Congress."

Sweeney and NMMA will stand together and tell us that this bill is in support of "boater safety." To anyone else who reads it, it comes across more like a tax cut for big business. For something that they are probably having consumers demanding come with their purchases.

A person is easily bought when shortly after accepting campaign donation from a PAC they are introducing legislation that the special interest group supports. It sure doesn't sound like a coincidence to me. I this ethical? Doesn't seem so.

Instead of working for us by say: introducing legislation on an exit strategy for Iraq, attracting much needed jobs to the district or helping working people who are struggling with health care, Sweeney is supporting tax give aways for big business. He's such a good "representative." Well, if you own a PAC and have around $5,000 to give him, he is anyway.

If this equipment is important for our safety and will save lives, why not just introduce legislation that requires raised safety standards for the industry?


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