Friday, May 26, 2006

Flying Around

The TU Blog covered Gillibrand's First Flyer saying:

Generally, the flyer hits all the Gillibrand campaign's high points, subtly seeking to paint Sweeney as a tool of the Bush White House, lobbyists and other “special interests” and Gillibrand as an independent outsider.

“Upstate New Yorkers deserve leaders who are responsible and accountable to New York, not Washington and partisan special interests. And New York needs leaders who stand up to the Bush administration and work for real progress on the issues that we care about most.”

The Sweeney response? launch the same tired and lame attack you've presented 5,000 times already. According to Sweeney it seems Gillibrand's big crime is that she took money from people who worked for a law firm that defended Enron. And that her boss worked for Enron, gee, last I checked. I didn't get to tell my boss who our clients could or couldn't be.

Does this mean that John Sweeney's giving back the $3,000 he took from Arthur Anderson, the company that worked for Enron and cooked the books for them?

For details on some of Sweeney's Enron Supportive votes, go here.

I guess he's just desperate to cover up his recent frat party goofs, his 2001 "accident" that took out a utility pole (which didn't get any of the national media attention that Patrick Kennedy did for some reason). And let's not forget that his carpetbagger trip to Miami during the 2000 vote count:

...the Republican operatives sent to Florida were recruited by Republican Congressional Whip Tom DeLay, offering free travel, accommodations and food in Florida, all paid for by the Bush campaign. Reportedly, New York Republican Congressman John Sweeney issued a specific directive for Republican thugs to “shut it down” (referring to the Miami-Dade recount) and this was transmitted to the “troops” by Brendan Quinn, executive director of the Republican Party from New York.

Well, we know he still can't resist free vacations with loved ones.


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