Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fatal Errors

Republicans are up in arms (really) over the Mailer Sweeney sent out which fails to mention that he is a republican.

Though the conventional wisdom is that the 20th is a heavily Republican one, the fact is that Rs don't have a majority here. Democrats and No party voters number more than the total Republican enrollment. In 1998, Washington County which is considered a "Republican strong hold" went to Sweeney's Democratic challenger. So Sweeney knows voters are open to judging the best candidate. And aren't likely to vote for a bad Republican candidate over a great Democratic one. Additionally, the last time the 20th was held by a Democrat was right after the Nixon administration when voters were unhappy with a Republican administration and ethics issues. Ring a bell?

The TU blog first noted the "oversight" as some Sweeney supporters are calling it. Like Fed Up, I got the mailer recently. Besides thinking Team Sweeney is pretty stupid to be sending an author of the 20TrueBlue blog a piece of campaign literature, the other things missing from the mailer were:

John Sweeney's son and his wife. There is a picture of Sweeney with his "other son" (a nephew). Of his sisters. Pictures of his parents. But not of his nucular (as W would put it) family. Interesting.

I guess Karl Rove ("reassigned from day-to-day policy management to concentrate on the fall campaign") doesn't want to remind folks of the kickbacks his wife has gotten or the kick-ins his son has given. I guess if you have to cut out your family and party to save your President's last two years in office, it is all in a day's work for a not-so independent guy like you, Mr. Sweeney.


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