Thursday, May 18, 2006

Talking back with Sweeney

John Sweeney recently said of Gillibrand's criticism of his vacationing with lobbyists while was telling voters here he's an ethics a reformer, "The inference is that you are not representing the people. She is not qualified to make that claim..."

What's his reasoning for that? Because Gillibrand is related to a lobbyist. The last time I checked, we don't get to pick who our relatives are or what they do for a living. But, Mr. Sweeney you have been funded by lobbyists more than any other industry. And you do get to pick who funds your campaign.

Sweeney also said, "It's not going to be enough [for an opponent] to say 'I hate George Bush, get rid of John Sweeney. Someone else is going to have to say how they will represent the people of this district better."

He's wrong again. Gillibrand's never said her reason for running is because of Bush. Her reason for running is to represent us. A visit to one of Gillibrand's open forums or to her website shows how she will represent us better:

By lowering college costs, supporting tax cuts for the working class instead of the CEOs, making promises on ethics reform, and in giving us an exit strategy for Iraq.

See On the Issues for details.


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