Friday, May 19, 2006

The McCain Train Off Track

The Sweeney/McCain fundraiser is getting the "straight-talker" some bad blog-o-sphere. Stop John McCain says:
Let me get this straight: McCain's shilling for a corrupt Congressman who parties with frat boys, goes on skiing retreats with lobbyists, votes the party line, and refers to his female opponent as ¬ďa pretty face"? Yep, looks like "The Straight-Talk Express" has left the station.

Read the whole post here.

Also check out coverage of this district on the Main St. USA blog, a member of the reality based community):

Gerrymandering can only take you so far. Look at that district. Lots of poor folks who are probably not enjoying $3.00+ a gallon gasoline. Most have never been to a frat party, even when they were the right age. The NYTimes takes note of John Sweeney's (cough, cough) ineptitude.


Blogger truth said...

Hey Lisa M., thanks for the link & the comment on my blog.

I grew up in Delaware County -- before I moved to Mass., we had a good Congressman, Matt McHugh, one of the post-Watergate Class of '74 reformers. Shame to think Sweeney now represents those same folks.

Gillibrand all the way!

8:21 PM  

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