Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sweeney says he was wrong...

but has anyone else noticed that whenever Bush or Sweeney has to eat crow and admit they were wrong about something (or has to suck up to the person that's looking for the top job whichever the case may be), the admission is immediatlely followed up with a reference to September 11th?

From today's Times Union:

Facing perhaps the toughest race of his political career, Rep. John Sweeney brought an unlikely supporter to the area Saturday to boost his campaign -- U.S. Sen. John McCain.

Six years ago, Sweeney blasted McCain, R-Ariz., who was in a presidential primary against George W. Bush, as "anti-New York," citing his voting record on ice storm relief for the Northeast, the Northeast Dairy Compact and mass transit money.

But Saturday, the pair praised each other limitlessly at events in Saratoga Springs and Brunswick. Sweeney didn't deny his past criticism of McCain.

"I was wrong," Sweeney said to thunderous applause and laughter. "And that was in the context of a presidential race, but let me say this ... since September the 11th, everyone became a New Yorker in some respects. ...As I said, you can be wrong in this business and you get do-overs. This is a do-over."

In 2000, Sweeney was quoted saying, "If there was such a thing as an anti-New York caucus, (McCain) would be the head of it." ...

In the grown up world, there aren't do overs, Mr. Sweeney. When you vote against McCain Feingold and then tell us that you are a reformer, we know the truth. You are not serious about cleaning up the house. And you're not committed to lobbying reform.

While the Republican party is trying to scare us because Gillibrand is related to a lobbyist, I say two things: a person can't choose what their relatives do for a living. And maybe Gillibrand's understanding of lobbying because of that relationship has led to Gillibrand's very sound ethics reform proposals.

Can you imagine with the Rs would say, if Gillibrand told us that people get to have "do-overs" in congress? I have a feeling it would be met with snickering not laughter.

I will give McCain credit for telling his party the facts about this race, "We all know that this is going to be a tough election season. The Republicans are going to have a difficult challenge in this election." I guess it was hard not to see it after this.


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