Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Creepy Sweeney Ad

That John Sweeney "Family" ad is creepy. Not just because it features a creep of course (being Sweeney) and the woman who loves him. There's something else. Poor Gayle, she's got an expression on her face that looks slightly pained, I think that is because we are supposed to feel sorry for her over all the fictional attacks she's had to endure. Instead we just feel sorry for her because she's married to Sweeney. As if just being with him every day weren't bad enough. She's had to watch him go from Congressman KickAss to Congressman Do-over to Congressman Chicken Shit.

Life is hard. And it's about to get even worse. Not only are her fundraising kickbacks from his campaign going to dry up. She's also going to be stuck with him every day when he looses his job on Nov. 7th and has to skulk around the house in Clifton Park instead of stomping around at The House in DC. Fortunately for the rest of us, we will be unstuck from him on Nov. 7th.

NY Mag has a funny commentary on the ad:

The fracas has prompted Sweeney, the Republican incumbent, to attempt a political performance piece that's not entirely within his skill set: the personal appeal. The Sweeneys seem like fine, sweater-wearing folk who perhaps have not been in the same room together since Home Improvement got canceled.

When the cue card reads "TURN TO HER WITH LOVING GAZE," Sweeney lands on something much closer to "uh, have we met?" Come to think of it, is that even the real Mrs. Sweeney or a "Mrs. Sweeney" the ad agency brought along for the shoot? Has Mrs. Sweeney been so traumatized by the Gillibrand campaign's intimidations and smears that she's gone into seclusion?

Hey, liberal media, you are obviously an agent of the Gillibrand campaign for that malicious attack on Sweeney's wife. Have you no decency?


If you live here you've seen the ad already far too many times. Everyone else who wants to see it, can skip over the the tublog.


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