Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sweeney and the Abramoff Investigation

DWT is talking about Abramoff and his cooperation in an effort to "get the best deal for himself":

there are a whole lot of GOP solons from low information districts who will be re-elected only to face almost immediate indictment and the same eventual fate as former GOP congressmen/current prison inmates Duke Cunningham and Bob Ney.

Fortunately for us ours is not a low information district and Sweeney is not going to be re-elected. John Sweeney is on the list of those who are going to be in trouble:

Apparently Abramoff has said enough about 3 U.S. Senators-- Jim Talent (MO), Conrad Burns (MT) and John Ensign (NV)-- plus almost 20 other House members, for files to have been opened on all of them. And some of those files are getting pretty fat. Conrad Burns is a sure bet for a long prison sentence and it is unlikely that there will not be indictments of Denny Hastert (IL), John Sweeney (NY), Cathy McMorris WA), Virgil Goode (VA), J.D. Hayworth (AZ), Marilyn Musgrave (CO), Ann Northup (KY), Robin Hayes (NC), Charlie Taylor (NC), Heather Wilson (NM), and Gil Gutknecht (MN).

Cases are in the early stages against Mike Ferguson (NJ), Tom Tancredo (CO), Barbara Cubin (WY), Tom Davis (VA), Ron Simmons (CT), Mike Rogers (MI), and Jim Gerlach (PA).


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