Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Op-Ed

Here's another example of the smug entitled attitude that John Sweeney has regarding his position of power.

We all know, when it was clear there would be no Democratic primary, Sweeney's next excuse for not debating Gillibrand was that he had to wait until after Labor Day. That was all back when he was still thinking there was no way this gerrymandered district could ever send anyone other than John Sweeney to congress.

Now, two polls show Gillibrand and Sweeney winning by the same amount and Gillibrand's internal polls show her slightly ahead. Sweeney's internal polls probably show the same thing (he hasn't released his, but Gillibrand has released hers).

The race has been downgraded from leans Republican to "no clear favorite" by Congressional Quarterly.

Sweeney needed a new excuse to prevent Gillibrand from beating him in a debate because with Sweeney's missteps (lobbyist ski trips, frat party escapade, undisclosed trip with Abramoff's guilty right hand lobbyist, etc.) mean he can't afford to have Gillibrand look smarter and more prepared than he is (which she is). That would be the final nail in his congressional coffin.

Sweeney has a new excuse for not debating Gillibrand: he lamely pretends that a debate on Social Security couldn't be fair without seeing her tax returns. Even though Sweeney has not always released his returns and even though Gillibrand has filed all of the paperwork she has to in order to run for congress.

Read the article below where Sweeney revealed another excuse for avoiding a debate, he thinks that he is the person who decides if Gillibrand "deserves" the "stature" he will give her by debating him. Yippeeee - Sweeney: The Decider.

The voters know she deserves that stature since she has been gaining on the incumbent in the polls all along. Plus she's raised more money from within the district than Sweeney has repeatedly.

For the record Democrats, Eliot Spitzer and Hillary Clinton both held debates with Republican opponents who had far lower standings in the polls than Gillibrand. And Clinton's opponent has run horrific attack ads that makes even staunch Republicans I know cringe at his distaste.

While Ken Tingley's October 15th editorial in the Post Star suggests that both candidates haven't agreed to debate. He gets the press releases, he knows that Gillibrand has been calling for debates with Sweeney since the beginning. Gillibrand has no strings attached to a debate with Sweeney.

Yes, Mr. Tingley, Gillibrand did call on Sweeney to release his police records. You may or may not have agreed with her actions, but she did not make releasing those records condition of any debate. She will show up to debate Sweeney even though Sweeney is too scared to be there.

The recent comments from Sweeney suggests he really does think that Kirsten Gillibrand is a "pretty faced" poodle who has to jump through whatever hoop he holds up.

Is this a guy who deserves to be called "Congressman Kick Ass" in your book? More like Congressman Chicken Shit if you ask me. Here's what Sweeney told the Post Star on Oct 13th:

"The reality in a debate -- especially when you are the incumbent -- is that you are giving your opponent more stature than maybe they deserve," the Clifton Park Republican said. "Her conduct over the last 48 hours tells me she doesn't deserve the stature."

Sweeney releasing his police records is about honesty and integrity, Gillibrand said. Gillibrand has followed federal laws and filed the financial disclosure forms required, she added.

Gillibrand notes that Sweeney has been accused of pocketing campaign contributions, accepting gifts from special-interest groups with legislation before Congress and being recently named one of Congress's 20 most corrupt members.

Gillibrand has urged Sweeney to debate her on several occasions, but he has instead created four excuses, she said.

"Each time you have offered another in a series of lame excuses to avoid a candid exchange of ideas with me," Gillibrand said. "It is obvious you are afraid to debate."

Gillibrand said that because of Sweeney's actions, there will likely be no debate between the two.

"I would love to debate her," Sweeney said. "I'm actually of the opinion now that she doesn't want to debate, so she is going to hide behind the fact that she's not releasing her taxes."

Gillibrand said she will not be bullied into a debate. A debate should be free of stipulations, she said.

"It's a shame and the losers in this will be the voters," Gillibrand said. "People deserve to hear from their congressman. At the end of the day, he owes his constituents a debate."

Sweeney has the audacity to lie to us blatantly yet again when he says, "I would love to debate her."

He seems to have actually convinced the editor of the Post Star that Gillibrand won't agree to debate him. When no, it truth just the opposite is true. Sweeney's spent too much time in Washington, he needs a vacation, one that doesn't include lobbyists for a change. Listening to him makes my head spin.

Sweeney: if you'd love to debate her - just do it. Knock yourself out man. Go for it, Mr. Kickass. Whatever you do, stop peeing on our legs and telling us it is raining. Because that is just pathetic. And disgusting.


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