Monday, October 23, 2006

Kirsten Gillibrand News

Read Firedoglake's post about Kirsten Gillibrand, the race, the district, Sweeney's accidential rise to power in spite of all the ineptitude.

It is a good read. We're not just saying that because they were nice enough to mention 20TB.

And give to Gillibrand's campaign at ActBlue here.

Kirsten answers questions in the comments section, more good reading there. To direct people who are ready to get more involved with the campaign, she says:

For suggestions on how to help: if you are here in the district, please help me go door to door. Also, we have phone banks every night. If you don't live here but want to help, we have remote phonebanking every night as well. You can help by talking about the issues that you care most about and writing letters to our editors in our several local papers -- your opinions matter! If you can work Election Day, we need poll watchers and help with get out the vote. If you want to do ANYTHING, just email me at Thanks for asking -- together we will take back our Country and put this great Nation on the right track. link


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