Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sweeney = Twisted

What Sweeney's ad says about the Democratic Challanger Kirsten Gillibrand:

“Gillibrand would support rolling back…tax cuts.”

The TUblog reports, Sweeney could care less if he's taken what Gillibrand said and twisted it into something she didn't say:

Thanks to the TU’s handy on-line morgue (where old stories go to their eternal rest), we can tell you what the ad left out - the rest of that sentence, which was:

“For anyone who earns over $1 million.”

Only 1.7% of the district makes over $200,000 per year so I don't think folks here will be too worried about what taxes are raised for millionaires. Bush and Sweeney are both good at ignoring whatever facts get in the way of the non-sense that they want to sell to the voters. And we all know - that is not a good quality in a candidate.

See NY20th race at Majority Watch for stats on the district.


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