Friday, August 11, 2006

Another Sweeney Mistake

Today's Post Star reveals yet another blatant lie by John Sweeney:

...In recent weeks, the labor-backed Working Families Party ran radio commercials in the Glens Falls area criticizing Sweeney for supporting legislation that tied an increase in the federal minimum wage with a permanent reduction to the estate tax.

Sweeney has said he would have preferred legislation that dealt exclusively with the minimum wage issue, but Democrats as well as Republicans were not willing to support that.... (Read the full story here)

The Post Star didn't notice, question or point out this Sweeney falsehood, but we blogged about the minimum wage bills in July. Here's why Sweeney is all wet and downright wrong:

This bill HR 2429, the Fair Minimum Wage Act, would have allowed for a straight up or down vote on a just raising the minimum wage. The bill had no amendments or strings attached. It was introduced by Democrat George Miller and had 144 cosponsors including NY 22nd District Rep. Maurice Hinchey.

The Republican congress simply wouldn't get behind giving working families a leg up without giving out some wealthy tax cuts. The Republican bill that Sweeney supported will cut into our federal revenues. The Democratic bill would have cost corporations not the government.


Blogger Alan said...

Anyone that thinks that Sweeney will help working families without giving to the rich first isn't paying attention.

Thanks for keeping up the pressure on him.

12:23 PM  

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