Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This morning's news

Sweeney's new campaign slogan: My fundraisers and Special Interest Tax Giveaways all on your dime!

The TU blog has the latest on Sweeney's annual fundraiser fantasy camp. This shows why Carlson is Spinner in Chief. Listening to her makes your head spin. Look, we all know that Sweeney compiled the invite list. Maybe some other person licked the stamp but maybe we should just knock off the charades already.

...In a letter to Brodsky, Bull [U.S. Olympic Committee official] took responsibility for the invitations. Brodsky then asked why some people on Sweeney’s guest list appeared to have no connection to funding for the facility.

“As to why I invited the private sector people on Congressman Sweeney’s list who had no known Olympic connection, I wanted to accomodate, to the extent that I could, a request from the member of Congress representing the Lake Placid region,” Bull added in a July 24 follow-up letter.

Brodsky has previously sent letters to Sweeney asking for information on the trip. He said he plans to send Sweeney another letter this week asking why some of the invitees appear to have no connection to providing funds for the Olympics.

“You’d have to ask the Olympic Committee,” said Sweeney’s deputy chief of staff, Melissa Carlson. “They were the ones who sent invitations to everybody.'’ ...

Today's TU editorial is pretty funny:

One more time, slowly. Today's remedial lesson in campaign politics is simple enough. Kirsten Gillibrand lives in the Columbia County town of Greenport, which, in turn, is located in the 20th Congressional District, where she's running for office this fall. Ms. Gillibrand says that she does not live in Manhattan and there's no evidence that she does. ...

Of course, evidence doesn't matter to ostrich-republicans like Sweeney.

Speaking of ostriching, while our nation is at war in Iraq and Afghanistan, as gas prices go off the deep end, as Iran and North Korea work on building nukes as another war breaks out in the Middle East, John Sweeney has no exit strategy and nothing to say on these matters but is busy working on his horse bill and his pay-to-play tax give away for a special interest campaign donor.

Am I the only one who thinks it is funny how he keeps pointing out that his boat bill will cost boaters nothing? While not pointing out that you and me are the ones who will be paying for this. Gosh, you'd think that after someone spent thousands of dollars on a boat that they'd have a few bucks left over to buy life vests.

Take 19 pointed out that Sweeney is one of the endangered congressman that Rudy's trying to help save. What would the Sweeney folks be saying if city people like RG and Bloomberg were working this hard for Kirsten Gillibrand?

Despardo Sweeney was also given funds from the Republicans' "Final ROMP" (that stands for Retain Our Majority Program. Which sounds like Karl Rove's cutsie thinking if you ask me):

used for candidates in the most desperate need of campaign money. Three of the recipients trail their challengers in terms of cash on hand. Most of those who are ahead in funds have only modest leads.

Of course, we say forget the what it stands for, lets just say Amen to 06 Sweeney's final ROMP in office.


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