Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sweeney's Blatant Lies

A recent report and FEC filings appear to be in grave contradiction to one another.

Sweeney plans to introduce the Boating Safety Tax Incentive Act in Congress Monday. He came up with the idea after the Ethan Allen accident last October killed 20 tourists. (source)

The boating accident happened on October 2, 2005.

John Sweeney was given $5,500 by the National Marine Manufacturer's PAC (that is the PAC of the industry that supports this legislation) between 2004 and August 9, 2005. (see our earlier post for links to the PACs FEC filings). H.R. 5274, the Boating Safety Tax Incentive Act provides tax credits to boat makers.

It seems that Sweeney is using the accident to justify passing a tax credit to an special interest donor. Sweeney's bill will do nothing to save boaters from an accident all it does is set up a tax give away for a Sweeney donor. Of course, the special interest Sweeney donor supports passage of this tax give away. How dumb does Sweeney think we are? Probably as dumb as the media that doesn't seem to check his FEC filings for conflicts of interest.


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