Friday, July 21, 2006

Thumbing the papers

A Times Union Editorial urges the Sweeney Campaign to "Stick to the Issues"

...Dog walkers? Six-packs?

How about the price of a barrel of oil and, eventually, a gallon of gasoline -- and thus the need for energy conservation in such time of geopolitical turbulence?

What about the cost of the war in Iraq? Or the cost of living in upstate New York, refuge that it is from New York City housing prices? Or the federal taxes that residents of both places have to pay?

With less than four months until Election Day, there's lots of substance to talk about, especially since the matter of Ms. Gillibrand's residency just isn't an issue.

Thumbs up to the TU for their story.

And thumbs down to the Post Star for it's headlines and coverage of the Sweeney attacks. I noticed something in light of the recent CSM article on lifting barriers to electing more women. We covered CSM story earlier, here. It says the press has to stop sterotyping women and that:

..The White House Project, a nonpartisan group that helps women advance in leadership ... found the media not only covered women candidates less, but also more personally and stereotypically. ..

Here are two of the week's headlines from the Post Star.

"Again, Sweeney targets opponent's brother: Republican's office criticizes Sierra club's nod to Gillibrand"

"Gillibrand's residency questioned: Clifton Park Republican claims candidate lives outside election district"

Sweeney's points seemed like personal attacks on Gillibrand's family or were regarding matters that had nothing to do with the race or the issues. However, when Gillibrand's campaign sent out a press release regarding a possible house ethic's violation on Sweeney's part, that headline read:

"Gillibrand criticizes Sweeney over photo: Analysts say sniping could turn off voters"

It wasn't over a photo, it was over the possible use of tax payer monies on Sweeney's campaign website in violation of house ethics rules. Gillibrand was labeled as "snipping" for bringing this up.

So why is Gillibrand getting personal coverage while Sweeney's efforts to divert people from the issues seems to be work with some in the press? I can't answer but hopefully, the Post Star will take notice and will make some changes in its upcoming coverage of the race.


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