Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Blog Round Up

Colin Neal's Diary has a listing of PACs and lobbyist monies taken in this election cycle by John Sweeney.

The National Journal says that Sweeney’s baggage is why this race probably will always live in the top 25 of competitive races. The 20th race has been moved up moved up from number 26. (I suppose those would include: his car crash, the campaign kickbacks to his wife, his vote count ending rent a riot, the drunken frat party, and what look like ethics violation over his annual fundraiser/ski vacation.)

Read up on MyDD's coverage of "Sweeney's Peculiar Donations"

The TU Blog reports that the ORDA hearings on the Sweeney Fundraiser Congressional Winter Challenge will continue today though Sweeney won't be present.


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