Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sweeney Ranks 7th in Lobbyist Dollars

The TU Blog has another post on the campaign up. It looks like the NRCC is at it again. They are attacking Kirsten Gillibrand who has taken in over 90% of her funds from individual donors not lobbyists for the handful of lobbyist donations she has. Meantime, their guy, John Sweeney of course has taken in almost 45% of his monies from ... guess who...lobbyists:

...The NRCC didn’t get around to mentioning Sweeney’s D.C. fundraiser Wednesday night. The invite lists Steve Scango, director of federal affairs at the lobbying firm McAllister & Quinn, as the RSVP contact (with his work e-mail and phone number).

Scango works with Sweeney’s former Chief of Staff Chris Fish.

The NRCC also didn’t mention that Sweeney is #7 among House members when it comes to who takes the most lobbyist cash. He’s received $71,934 in lobbyist dollars so far during the 2006 electio cycle. U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Tx., who resigned from Congress June 9 after a series of criminal indictments, tops the list with $162,000.

The GOP 2006 Election Strategy seems to be: Disregard Truth, Facts, Etc. and Don't Worry About Looking Like A Hypocrite.


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