Thursday, July 27, 2006

Fact Checking

Yesterday's editorial reminded me of how much Sweeney is like Bush. Even though Kirsten Gillibrand issued proof that she does live here, Sweeney sent a mailer to voters claiming:

Gillibrand wants you to believe she calls our area home -- but the FACTS tell a different story...

How about the FACT that Mr. Sweeney is mailing lies to voters? His campaign simply chooses to ignore any reality or evidence that is contrary to the point of view he wishes to present.

This is exactly what the Bush administration did with the Iraq WMD case, and is what Bush continues to do when he refutes sound science and promotes instead an extreme idealogical based agenda. Yesterday's Times Union editorial tells it as it is:

This is getting silly. A quote from Mark Twain is in order for our lesson:

"Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."

Again, Ms. Gillibrand, her staff has documented, lives in Greenport, not Manhattan.

Oh, and Mr. Sweeney didn't live in his congressional district when he first was elected in 1998.

What is amazing is how many local GOP ditto-heads (like this one) refuse to accept that Sweeney's facts are wrong. And that he knowingly sent out false accusations in his campaign mailer. These GOPers claim that the paper is biased toward Gillibrand because it has simply refuted absurd lies told by her opponent.

Yes, some will support the GOP no matter how far astray it goes. But most of us are wondering, why would anyone trust Sweeney to represent us when he pretends that refuted and documented untruths are "FACTS"?

This is not the first time. His campaign continues to pretend that it was not involved with the Congressional Winter Challenge invitation list, even though officials from both ORDA and the USOC have stated that he was involved.

I have to thank Sweeney and his staff for helping me understand the need for this upcoming book.


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