Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ohhh, The Scandals, Connections & Contrasts Never End

Republican Blogger, NCNY has something up about some sort of GOP changing of the guards in Dutchess county. It mentions that John Sweeney (R-NY) maybe involved:

Some have even gone as far as blaming political operatives in Congressman John Sweeney's office, though there is no confirmation of this fact. It has been noted though that Molinaro's candidacy is being guided by political operatives close to Bill Powers.

For all of you normal people out there (you are soooo lucky!) who may not know who Bill Powers is. He used to be Sweeney's boss. In addition to having been the State's GOP chairman.

Powers is yet another person who has cashed in their political connections via a career mining the great public service of lobbying.

Plus: Sweeney's wife works for Powers' Lobbying Firm.

And Bill Powers is a real giver. He's given $5,250 to Sweeney so far. It seems that the Powers family has given another $13,000 on top of that to Sweeney (also so far). (link to FEC page).

In addition to lobbyist-ing, some in clan Powers listed their employer as the NRCC and the National Republican Committee at one time or another.

Others haven't listed their occupation. Sweeney's filing shows the information as "requested."

(Sweeney's no-discolsure rate is higher than average at almost 14%. Uh, they can't find out what some members of a family that has given over $18,000 to them does for a living?)

Wouldn't it be nice if Sweeney were reforming congress by changing the lobbyist/representative relationship as challenger, Kirsten Gillibrand does: she discloses all lobbyist meetings in Sunshine Reports.

(Since Sweeney's not disclosing these meetings, perhaps one day a real journalist could dig around and report who the Powers are lobbying for and what those folks have gotten from Congress. Just a thought. Especially since Sweeney's funding is mostly from PACs and Lobbyists. Though in the 06 cycle, PACs replace lawyers as his top giver.)

One thing we know already:

Some of the Powers were lucky guests at Sweeney's tax-payer funded fantasy camp weekend to thank donors to the Sweeney campaign increase congressional funding to Lake Placid's Olympic Regional Development Authority.

Except no one there could have accomplished that goal:

U.S. Rep. John Sweeney, a Clifton Park Republican, brought only one member of Congress to the Lake Placid event last winter...(source)

Related: See Gillibrand's Ethics IOU and her current Sunshine Reports here.


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