Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sweeney, FEMA and Broken Promises

John Sweeney (R-NY) recently met with Walton Business owners about flooding damage. According to this story in the Daily Star "Sweeney indicated that he was positive that FEMA would be coming in with aid." Interesting timing, since the state had suffered from flooding last year that also should have qualified for FEMA Emergency funds. Sweeney couldn't get FEMA to deliver those funds. Today's Post Star reports on last year's floods: A year later, no reparations are made: Victims of dam break haven't received money:

FORT ANN -- Residents of properties damaged by the failure of the Hadlock Pond dam have not yet seen a check for aid from state or federal agencies.

One year ago today, the west side of the dam broke, releasing hundreds of thousands of gallons of water from the 220-acre man-made lake. Flooded tributaries and streams destroyed four primary homes and one vacation home, damaged five others and affected 27 properties. Residents around the lake have since had to pay lakefront property taxes on a nearly dry mud pit. ...

In September of 2005, when FEMA denied funding, Sweeney "wrote a letter to Acting FEMA Undersecretary R. David Paulison seeking a change of heart." When his supporters say that Sweeney delivers for us: they mean he delivers letters not results.

Why should we trust the current leadership when they still haven't helped the victims of last year's flooding?


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