Thursday, June 29, 2006

As Bugs Bunny Would Say, "What a Maroon"

From Sweeney's Press Release Website:
"SWEENEY SUPPORTS AMERICANS RIGHT TO FLY THE FLAG Washington, D.C. - Representative John E. Sweeney (R-Clifton Park) today announced his strong support for H.R. 42, the "Freedom to Display the American Flag Act: which will guarantees the rights of Americans to display the American flag on residential property.

"It is disturbing to hear reports of American's being denied the opportunity to support their nation through flying a flag on their front porch. Particularly at a time of war, families of soldiers have been fined or ordered to take down their American flag. To restrict Americans from displaying the very symbol of that freedom runs counter to what the Founding Fathers outlined as a sacred right. No American should ever be stopped from flying the flag or showing their love for our country, and that's why I voted for this legislation," said Congressman Sweeney.

The legislation prevents community associations and residential real estate management associations from adopting or enforcing policies, which restrict a member of their association from displaying the United States flag. The legislation comes in response to a number of cases across the United States where residents have been fined or ordered to remove the flag by their residential associations for demonstrating their patriotism by displaying an American flag.

"I hope that this 4th of July while Americans enjoy the holiday with friends and family that they reflect on the freedom we enjoy and all those who have helped preserve it. I am disturbed that Congress needed to take action on an issue like this, but support every Americans right to express their patriotism," Sweeney added."
Whew, another crisis averted. Okay, so he's saved baseball. Maybe next we'll see him taking another brave stand to defend apple pie and motherhood. Thank god we have such a valiant, independent fighter out there for us.

Now I can sleep again.

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Blogger la la la I can't hear you said...

Wow! What politican in America doesn't support our right to fly the flag?

He's really stepping out on a limb with this one, huh?

Next he can write up some legislation that supports everyone's right to eat Apple Pie!

I feel so much better about the 43 Million Americans with no health care knowing that Sweeney is fighting to make sure they can fly a flag on their porch.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Albany Lawyer said...

I love your blog. Here I am, the GOP candidate running in Albany, and it looks like you agree with my positions more than with McNulty's.

This post is a great example. The flag-burning amendment is a total waste of time, and I strongly support the 1st Amendment. McNulty supports the flag burning amendment (or at least he has in the past). And by the way, I support the flag. But my flag is a symbol, and is not vulnerable to flame. When someone burns a flag they make themselves look bad, but they're only burning the fabric. They can't damage my flag.

My campaign blog is up: Stop Wasting Money. I hope you'll keep an eye on it and feel free to post comments. I will post about Iraq soon. Here's a preview: I opposed the war in Iraq from the beginning. McNulty voted for it. We've wasted ~$100 billion so far. Imagine the mass transit system we could have built with that much money.


11:55 PM  
Blogger fed up in upstate said...

Heh. Maybe you're really a Dem & don't even know it!

Thanks for the compliment.

6:28 AM  

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