Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Gillibrand Calls for GI Bill Reforms

New York Army National Guard's 466th Medical Company is going to Iraq.

Candidate Kirsten Gillibrand met with Veterans at the Veterans Memorial in Congress Park yesterday. Gillibrand is calling for an update to the GI Bill of Rights.

She said:

We must be able to improve the lives of our veterans and their families. Our brave service men and women should not be faced with inadequate gear and supplies when deployed, nor should they have to wonder if their education and health needs will be met when they come home. This week, there are patriotic celebrations across our country celebrating the birth of our nation. In order to honor those who have served to protect us, I would hope that we might spend some time thinking about the problems facing our veterans and their families.

A Veterans for Gillibrand Group has been formed:

Local veteran Lewis Benton of Saratoga Springs announced the formation of Veterans for Gillibrand. Benton is a decorated Vietnam veteran; he served as an Army medic and treated nearly 1000 war casualties during his deployment. When asked why he felt it was important for area veterans to support Gillibrand's candidacy, Benton replied, "Regardless of political affiliation, we are a group of veterans who stand together to support Kirsten because of her commitment to fight for change. John Sweeney has failed to improve the quality of life for veterans. Given the opportunity to stand up for us, he has remained seated."

Kirsten Gillibrand and Benton were joined by a number of area veterans, including John Nelson who served in WWII, Paul Bouchard who also served in Vietnam and Nicole Bacon who served in Operation Desert Storm, who spoke about some of the issues facing veteran's and their families...

Read more from the story at Gillibrand2006.

See the Capital News Report here.

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