Thursday, June 22, 2006

Now let's talk reality, for a change

Now it looks like Kirsten Gillibrand is really standing up to make a challenge to Sweeney, who can no longer hide behind his smug little dissmissals ("I don't know anything about her"), or the vapid slanders his cronies and dupes are planting all over the internet and on phone-in radio:
Gillibrand Challenges Sweeney To Debate On Iraq
As Congress debates this week how to proceed in the war, Kirsten Gillibrand invites incumbent Rep. John Sweeney to debate their competing visions.
Let's see who is really willing to deal with the issues that matter to Americans. No need to continue to bang the terror drum on issues long dead or trivial. Instead of grandstanding on out stupid crap like horses or steroids, let's talk about constituents dying for a cause never explained beyond vague prancing and posturing about 'freedom."

Let's see if he is brave enough to face his public instead of having people cover for him.


Blogger Morris N. Guller said...

I check in daily with this blog and in the beginning I noticed that you covered all the candidates running on the Democratic line in the 20th CD. It appears now you are only covering Kirsten.

If this is her blog I apologize for the message, however, I believe it might be useful to include all of the Democratic candidates running in the 20th just to be fair and truly informative.

I am presuming that your group of readers and writers will be supporting the eventual nominee of the Democratic Party.

Well, guys, I'm reading your reports daily and I enjoy your insight and comments. I know it is a great deal of work and takes a tremendous amount of dedication to keep a blog going. Then, agin, with Sweeney as on of your subjects you have plenty of material to work with.

Keep it up.


Morris Guller (D)
Lexington, New York

3:12 PM  
Blogger fed up in upstate said...

You will see, at the bottom of this page, we endorsed Gillibrand.

Thank you.

3:29 PM  
Blogger Morris N. Guller said...

No...sorry, I didn't see an endorsement. I know the '04 candidate, Doris Kelly, who is one of your bloggers is not endorsing anyone prior to the primary.

So, my question to your group then, (fed up in upstate),is your group going to support the eventual Democratic nominee even if it is not the candidate you are currently supporting in the Primary? I think that's a fair question.


Morris Guller (D)
Lexington, New York

5:00 PM  
Blogger fed up in upstate said...

Well, we're a non-partisan group, and we don't commit to someone just because he or she is a Democrat. Some of us do, but we don't, as a group. Time will tell, however, who gets the Democratic nomination. Kirsten Gillibrand has lined up the endorsements of all 10 county Democratic Committees, she's gotten terrific press, and she has raised some impressive amounts of money. That sounds to me, individually speaking, like she's the strongest contender, and most likely to win the nomination. However, I could be wrong. After all, I never thought that the Absentee-Landlord-in-Chief would have been reelected, either.

6:28 PM  
Blogger Morris N. Guller said...

Dear Fed up in Upstate,

I would like to note that you made one incorrect statement in your last entry.

Kristen does not have the endorsement of all 10 County Committees. She has 6.

Greene, Essex, Warren, and Otsego have not endoresed anyone. They are most likely still feeling the sting from '04 when all 10 County Chairs and 9 of the full County Committees endorsed a man who Doris Kelly beat 2-1 in the Democratic Primary Election.

You are right about one thing: you never know what the voters are going to do on election day.

Morris Guller (D)
Lexington, New York

6:47 PM  
Blogger fed up in upstate said...

I am not sure on this. I'd have to check into it. Leadership, such as exec cttees, & chairs, has made the endorsements. Often the committees simply haven't met frequently enough.

6:57 PM  

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