Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Just call him Flipper

We were so floored by John Sweeney's (R-NY) visit to that frat party in April (Floored + frat party = punny.) By the way, I wish I'd known in April that Sweeney was endorsed by the National Beer Wholesalers. And hence of course, he's funded by them too.

Hey, it's not that he buys kegs by the barrel, it's that Sweeney stands with them (and Bush) on the issues, like the "permanent repeal" of the estate tax which "is critically important to beer wholesalers ... across the nation." Sincerely, they said that.

Anyway, the point is (see how easily distracted one gets when learning more about Sweeney's friends?) that I missed this 4/25/06 Sweeney (R NY) quote when asked why he changed his tune on gas:

"Listen, in Washington it's always politics."

So basically, if I understand this, when it is time to worry about someone else having my job then I do the right thing, otherwise, I'm with the PACs.

Quote by way of the Columbia County Democrats' (must read) THE TRUTH ABOUT JOHN SWEENEY'S ELECTION-YEAR FLIP-FLOP ON GAS PRICES


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