Sunday, June 18, 2006

Poll Watching

Good news from the skewey poll:

  • 98 people said that they would vote for Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand if the election were held today in a race between Sweeney, Gillibrand and the Libertarian Candidate.
  • Another 98 people said that they were not sure how they would vote.
  • That totals 196 people who will either vote for Kirsten or are unsure.
  • Vs. the 193 who said they would vote for Sweeney if the election were held today under those same circumstances.
  • Almost 69% of the people polled were not familiar with Gillibrand (normal for a challenger at this early stage in the game).
  • Over 24% had a favorable opinion of Gillibrand - in other words, most people who do know her, like her.
  • As far as the Wal-Mart hype from the Sweeney Spinners - 22.6% of those who shopped at Wal-Mart every week had a favorable opinion of Gillibrand, not very far from her overall 24%. Not sure what their point was there.
  • Additionally, 50.7% of those who thought the US was headed in the wrong direction, also had a favorable opinion of Sweeney.

The Gillibrand Campaign won't have a hard time demonstrating to the almost 51% of voters that Sweeney's votes in Congress and his support of the Bush administration are responsible for this wrong direction. (Now we know why Sweeney is running from his real record and trying to convince people that this is a local election and not a national one.)

The Gillibrand campaign has the funds it needs to introduce Gillibrand to the 69% of those who don't know her yet.

The early and frequent negative attacks against Gillibrand by Sweeney's spinners have done little or no harm at all to Gillibrand. People who know her, obviously like her. The incumbent's smear tactics haven't resonated with voters.


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