Thursday, June 15, 2006

Vacations, Ethics ... again

The Poughkipsie Journal reports that:

Sweeney accepted $8,163 in travel for himself and his wife, Gaia, to attend the Inter-American Economic Council's "business roundtable" in the Dominican Republic and Antigua in January. [2005]

I think this is the trip John Sweeney (R NY) took that helped him cast one of the two deciding votes that brought us CAFTA. There are two trips that which obviously prevented him from being able to support that Democratic bill for real reform full of poison pills (like not being able to take paid vacations and sell out our nation for a little fun in the sun with other family members).

The two fom the larger list (which includes one of the Lake Placid Vacations that we lucky taxpayers have been paying for) are:

Sponsor(s) - U.S.-Mexico Cultural and Educational Foundation Dates - December 3, 2003 - December 7, 2003 (5 days) Location(s) - Mexico City, Mexico - Merida, Mexico

Purpose - NAFTA Conference & Bi-National Congressional Retreat Notes - Spouse Gaia Ford accompanied.

Travel Cost - $4,393.94 Lodging Cost - $822.42 Meal Cost - Other Cost - Total Cost - $5,216.36

Additional family members - Yes

Sponsor(s) - Inter-American Economic Council Dates - January 12, 2005 - January 16, 2005 (5 days) Location(s) - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Purpose - Participation in the Business Roundtables during the Inter-American Economic Council's 2005 Congressional Delegation to the Dominican Republic & Antigua Notes - Itinerary has "Attached" as entry, but nothing was attached to form.[assumed destination]

Travel Cost - $4,583.40 Lodging Cost - $1,924.69 Meal Cost - $1,653.88 Other Cost - Total Cost - $8,161.97

Additional family members - Yes

Contrast that with our alternative, Kirsten Gillibrand who said of lobbyists:

I'm not going on a vacation to Utah with them and listening to them and them alone for a long weekend while they pay for my lavish lifestyle and my fancy vacation.

Read the full interview with Kirsten here.

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