Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blog Round Up

The Downward Spiral: John Sweeney (R NY) is mentioned in this local blog post titled "Hammered" (Gee, I wonder why.) OK, here's what they say:

...things haven’t looked good lately for the Grand Old Party in the Capital Region...given the most recent spate of headlines it appears as though things have been bad enough for the party’s heavyweights to keep themselves on steady dosages of –as some police agencies state in their reports –intoxicating liquors.

Just ask John Sweeney, who himself had two recent drags through the headlines; one for knocking them back at a Union College fraternity party in April and another after his son was offered a sweet deal to wipe a felony conviction off his record in October. That deal was presented by visiting Montgomery County District Attorney James Conboy and accepted by visiting Fulton County Judge Richard Giardino, both registered republicans.

Moving on: My take on the TU's ability to drag the contents of Saratoga GOP Charmian Jasper "Lobbying is the fourth branch of government, if you know what I mean" Nolan's poll.

Glad they got it. But the poll is not accurate. They used a name that Gillibrand doesn't use and then claimed she's got no name recognition. Those are some skewey and screwy Republicans that rigged that poll.

Even the Republican Blog, News Copy, acknowledges the poll is "skewed" with over 30% of the polling in Saratoga County (where Sweeney lives), and says there is "nothing appropriate" about using the name "Kristen Rutnik Gillibrand"

Her name is Kirsten Gillibrand. And they know that. I wouldn't be shocked if the poll even had them mis-promounce it. (It's JILL-ibrand.) Maybe I'll commission a poll and ask if anyone has a favorable opinion of John Swiney. And then issue a press release saying nobody knows Congressman Do Over.

At any rate, Gillibrand hasn't even sent a mailer out. Nor had an ad on TV. She's raising the money she needs to get her name and her ideas out there. Bottom line, Nolan's poll is meaningless.

When Kirsten wins, it won't be the first time Nolan was wrong. He claimed his party was going to win the last Saratoga elections. The Dems won it in a sweep. It was historic. Nolan said, "It's a different city."

Related: for background on Nolan/Sweeney and the aftermath of that loss see this post "More NY Republican Disarray in the 20th District"


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