Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Strategy Smear

A new Post Star story notes the smear strategy John Sweeney and the Republican Machine in this race:

Republicans in the 20th Congressional District are clearly taking Gillibrand's campaign seriously, said Robert Turner, a political science professor at Skidmore College.

"They are, in the words of one Republican consultant I talked to, 'going to take out their (Democrats) legs early,'" he said.

That strategy is apparent from the way Republicans have made repeated attacks on Gillibrand's family and law firm, Turner said.

Ha! It is a pretty silly strategy to begin with: Oh no, a well funded candidate, she's smart and people like her, and she's raising enough money to actually win! What can should we do? Hey, let's attack her family and job!

And it is an especially stupid strategy when your own candidate's behavior leaves a lot to be desired in the morals department. And not to mention that your candidate's son leaves other people with long term vision problems and $18,000 medical bills.

Well, to Mr. Sweeney's credit, attacking Gillibrand's father/brother/employment are the only dull objects in his bag of tricks.

Here are a few Dont's:

announce campaign,

treat opponent with respect,

offer any plans for exiting Iraw war or ethics reform,

pay for your thank you presents to staff and good friends - that's what tax payers are for, silly!

And a few Do's:

Great PR moments like pump Bush's issue of steroids in baseball (because that tops our list of problems to solve! gas prices would drop, jobs would come back home, the war with Iraq would end if only the Texas Rangers were safe from drugs) by showing up drunk. At a frat house.

And learn from Bush: Promise one thing (like to "remove the cloud of scandal"), but deliver a failure.

Be honest: tell them why he voted against all those fraud and renewable energy bills: "because he felt it did not do enough".

Stand behind that great voting record!

Get away from it all with the people you love.


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