Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sweeney Lost a Supporter

The SEIU has endorsed Kirsten Gillibrand. Today's Post Star reports that:

SEIU's endorsement of Gillibrand, however, marks a loss of one of Sweeney's traditional supporters.

The union's national organization has previously contributed $22,500 to Sweeney's re-election campaigns since 2000, according to campaign finance reports on file with the Federal Election Commission. Its most recent contribution to Sweeney was $2,500 in 2004.

Cunningham said the union changed its allegiance in part because of President Bush's efforts to reduce federal funding for health care. Bush has said reductions are necessary to slow down growth of federal spending.

"I think there is a great concern about the direction the current administration is taking the country, particularly on health care," Cunningham said.

Sweeney voted against the latest round of cuts in the federal budget, but had previously voted for them, Cunningham said.

Sweeney would not address the union's criticism directly, said his spokeswoman Melissa Carlson.

Read the full story here.


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